Lorenzen Farm

A You-Pick Tulip & Sunflower Farm

OUR FARMStep into a field of vibrant colors and sweet fragrances at Lorenzen Farm, located in beautiful Dayton, Tn. Here you can enjoy a one of a kind experience picking your own tulips, and taking home beautiful bouquets that will brighten any room. We encourage you to take your time strolling through the fields, picking your favorite tulips and filling up your basket. The fields make a perfect backdrop for family portraits, engagement shoots or even just a simple instagram post. Friendly staff will be on hand to provide tips and help you choose the best flowers. We look forward to your visit!

What should I know before I come?

We provide everything you need for picking. Admission price is $5 per person. Children 5 & under are free. Tulips are $1.50 per stem. We will wrap them for you free of charge.Tulips are thirsty! You may want to bring a container with water if you have a long drive home. We also have vases available for purchase in our gift shop.* 3/23/23 our facebook has been hacked. Please call if you have questions!!! 423-883-4400Bees and other insects are in the field. If you are allergic please take precautions.
WEAR APPROPRIATE SHOES! We are a working farm - it may be muddy and the ground can be uneven. Walk carefully!
We accept cash, card, Paypal, and VenmoWe are located at 1374 New Bethel Rd. Dayton, Tennessee 37321.

Meet the Farmer

Nathan & Kristen Lorenzen are the owner and operators of Lorenzen Farm. They are passionate and dedicated to growing high quality flowers for the local community. The farm uses sustainable agriculture practices including crop rotation, cover cropping, and composting to keep the soil healthy.
"The best part of farming is the connection I feel with the community and the land. Farming is hard work but also incredibly rewarding!"
-Kristen Lorenzen

Farm Hours

Tulip season: March/April
ATTENTION: 2023 Tulip season has ended. Watch for us again next spring with the largest tulip field yet!
Dig Day is on April 29, 2023
$15 per person. Bring your own tools and dig as many tulip bulbs as you want!
rain date May 6th
Sunflowers and Wildflowers will be coming in August!Photographers Welcome!
$30 site fee per day for professional photographers.
Email: [email protected]
Call or text 423-883-4400

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Things to know

1. We are a working farm so the ground can be uneven and you may encounter bugs & stinging insects. The field can also be muddy so please wear appropriate shoes/boots.
2. Parking is limited. Consider carpooling or visit on a weekday.
3. Obedient Pets are allowed on a leash. If your pet bothers other guests, we will request for you to leave.
4. Dress appropriately. This is a family friendly farm, please be respectful. (this means no bikinis, lingerie, or nudity!)
5. Restroom facilities are available.